The Oasis Center is a non-profit that focuses on teenage outreach. Teens are often unfairly judged by peers, their parents, and other adults. “There’s More To Youth,” touched on typical teenage stereotypes, juxtaposed with their underlying realities or aspirations. The campaign encouraged positive action and interest in the center.


The stereotypes were very relatable. So, to encourage continued conversation, we launched an app to create a personal stereotype/reality combination. Participants could upload their photo, customize words, pick a color and share through social platforms. Users could also browse a microsite gallery that displayed the whole community's mashups.



Senior Art Director/Designer - Carrie Barr

Creative Director - Ginny Chambers

Copywriter - Adam Pawlowski

Photographer - Cameron Powell

UX Design - Eric Motil

Designer - Kristin Fowler

Cinematographer - Blake McClure

Work created at GS&F